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Connellsville Area High School

Firefighter Bootcamp to be held June 6-10

The CACTC Protective Services Program is hosting a week-long FIREFIGHTER BOOT CAMP at the CTC From June 6-10 from 9am-3pm daily. This camp is an entry-level, exploratory program to introduce students to the world of the firefighter. All CASD students ages 14-18 are eligible and the camp is FREE to attend, thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Fayette County!
Students do not need any experience nor do they need to be a member of a volunteer fire department to take part. The CTC will provide all necessary equipment. Training will be conducted in a SAFE manner, with NO live fire. We plan to make the experience fun and interactive as well as physically challenging. 
Students will learn about the fire service in general, including career opportunities as well as the importance of volunteering to help their community. We will cover how to properly "gear up," operate a hose line, roll and pack hose, carry, raise, and climb ladders, how to free victims trapped in crashed vehicles, and much, much, more. 
Our hope is to inspire the next generation to get involved and serve their community, as the need for firefighters has hit critical levels. If your child or any of your students are interested, please complete the attached registration form. Forms may be emailed to [email protected].