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Connellsville Area High School

CAHS Student Wins Award at DMAC Film Festival

CAHS Juniors, Jonathan Mariotti, Evan Means, and Delaney Reese attended the DMAC Film Festival along with Mrs. Irwin on Thursday, April 20th.  At the ceremony, Jonathan received the Founders' Award for his leadership role in directing Connellsville High School's morning news program along with writing & directing his own original content. Jonathan serves the role of student director for Falcon Productions, ensuring that the high school has a fresh morning broadcast each day with interesting stories and engaging feature videos. Jonathan, Delaney and Evan work together as a team with the students in Falcon Productions and Digital Media to showcase live school events and highlight things that are happening in the school.
This was Jonathan's first entry in a film competition, and now, after attending the festival and being inspired by competing against other schools in the area, he and his classmates are eager to start creating more original content to submit in future competitions.  Every filmmaker must start somewhere, and Jonathan seized this opportunity just like he embraces every new challenge he faces in media production: with enthusiasm and eagerness to grow as a content creator and director. Evan, Delaney, and Jonathan, along with the students in Broadcasting and Digital Media have taken on new challenges this year as Falcon Productions is growing into a successful program at the high school.