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Connellsville Area High School

Michele Schweinberg » Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Bienvenidos!  Welcome to our Spanish class!  I love teaching the Spanish language and culture and my goal is for you to also enjoy learning something new and exciting. You will learn about the food, festivals, customs of hispanic people. You will learn to speak, read and write in Spanish.  There are 22 Spanish speaking countries in this world and guess what... the United States is included!  
I have been to Ecuador 5 times so you will hear lots of funny, interesting stories of my time there. I have also been to Spain, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Paraguay, Belize, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, many Spanish speaking cities in Florida and San Antonio, Texas.  I LOVE to travel! 
My favorite hispanic holiday is Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.  You will learn A LOT about this sentimental celebration of past ancestors.  
I have been learning Spanish since 1984 when I first started in 9th grade....that's a lot of years!  I received my dual-masters in 1993 in foreign language and elementary teaching.  I taught in Pittsburgh Public Schools, Hempfield Area School District and now at Connellsville since 2013.
I will be using Google Classroom to post class videos, pictures, announcements, and projects. Please visit us here to keep updated on all our progress and excitement.  You can email me with any questions at anytime at